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I was thinking of making some instruments of my own with the Nintendo Labo and wanted to know if any had been created (besides the piano of course). I know that in one of the Nintendo Tutorial Videos for the Toy Con Garage, it was shown how to make a guitar, and in one of the promotional videos, a three piece drum set was shown for a little bit, but other than that and many, many different arrangements of songs just on the piano, I haven't found much. I would list out my ideas, but I don't want anyone to steal them.

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Sounds good! waiting to see your creations :)
Several days ago we had found a violin, and how to make it:

I hope it will be useful!
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Check this! with Jimmy Fallon, Ariana Grand and The Roots heart

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We have found this drum set too!
It looks so easy tu build and the results seems perfect :)


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