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Hi all!
I recently made a fanmade LABO Set inspired by Nintendo LABO.

I produced a 3D video showing the concept and it had a good reception on the community. The video have 250.000 views already ^_^

I really want to made it a reality, trying to craft its design or something similar, and I want to share with you the idea. Is there anyone who wants to helping crafting this cute telescope? :)
It will be super cool to start making some stuff together and have the chance to mix some skills!

You can follow me on https://twitter.com/ShigeryuInsider

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Hi there!
We love the telescope idea, congrats Shigeryu!!
Yesterday we were with a friend of mine thinking how could be the telescope mockup to been able to build a papercraft. We think that this will work :)
What do you think?

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Omg! I saw that render and I just fell in love. I can help you crafting this, do you have any idea of the assembly or something?
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Thank you :)

Sorry for the delay, personally I have no idea for the assembly i(I just made this fanmade in 3d) make it become real will not be easy ^^'

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This an amazing idea! I love the concept and the ambition Behind it. I'd be more than happy to help make this a reality. The only questions i have are when would you like it done by and are the designs on the cardboard necessary for the prototypeprototype?
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Nice work eyeclipse !

Sorry again for the delay :/

Look forward to seeing the result once finished :)

I'd love to see a similare toy-con by Nintendo !

I'm on another creation at the moment (for the Nintendo labo contest EU) I hope it will inspire more than one ^^


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