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It seems like everyone is making cover with the Nintendo LABO piano!! It's so cool!
We are fans of The legend of Zelda, and we want to learn how to play the Zelda theme on our LABOs. Would you like to learn too?

We can start with this tutorial (turn x2 speed to heard the normal song):

You can find more following youcanplayit profile.

As any discipline, you must repeat, repeat and repeat...
(10.000 hours to be a genius).
Then you can arrange your notes to fit what you are looking for to sound.
And finally, with patience and some hours later, you will be able to make this:

There is a lot of work on the video, but the best part is how he complement the main song with other instruments arrangements. Follow EpicGameMusic to show some love.

Now, we can play our Zelda lovely theme everywhere and everytime, and it's amazing!!
Waiting to see your covers or, how knows, your original compositions =)

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This look great ! I will try thanks for the link
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Thanks for posting!