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Hi! I’m new here but that’s because I have just discovered LABO and I now finally have something to share with the community. So I would like to know what you think of my project: A pop-up LABO piano.

I have made a detailed video about all the functions and techniques I’ve used: 

I would like to submit this for the next LABO contest, if there will be one. I’m not sure how this all works but any help or advice would be much appreciated! So ask me anything if you’re interested or please let me know what you think of this concept. Thanks!

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I just joined this community, and seeing this jaw-dropping project post with cobwebs on it leads me to think not much is going on here (I hope I'm wrong).

Your work is amazing! I'm hoping to find inspiration and lessons for students to work on creations that could one day live up to what you've made. I hope to find more like this here, and hopefully more appreciation for those like you who have taken this medium to the next level.

With admiration,



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