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Hey my name is James from Epic Game Music!

Recently I made a video of myself playing the Legend of Zelda theme on the Nintendo Labo Toy Con Piano and Toy Con Garage which you can see below.

I saw some people post it here so I thought I’d show you some behind the scenes from the video, to show how it worked. So, I hope you enjoy!

Firstly I plugged my Labo into my POD HD audio interface to record which also means I could add some fancy effects to give the Labo a thicker sound!

One thing you might have noticed was the triforce sound wave in the beginning. I simply cut out a triforce shape and scanned it in! This was just for show as that sound wasn’t great but looked really cool!

Now lets get into some Toy Con Garage stuff!

The drums you see in the video were done using this set up. The kick and snare have a pretty good sitting sound but I still need to compress and EQ to give them some life!

A lot of people on twitter were asking how the bass was done so I hope this brings some insights. I only used the notes I needed for the song and used the guitar 1 noise on the low octaves.

I hope this has been insightful and feel free to ask me more questions!

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