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Show the world what you can do with Nintendo Labo!

Take your creations to the next level with customization, or even invent new ways to play via the Toy-Con Garage mode. Get inspired and submit your own!


Sharing guidelines
Please take a moment to review these guidelines before you share your creation. We can’t wait to see what you submit!

Choosing what to share
You can share Toy-Con creations that fit into these three general categories: Decoration:

  • Customizing the look of your Toy-Con with craft materials.
  • Toy-Con mod using Toy-Con Garage: Using an existing Toy-Con in a new way.
  • Original invention using Toy-Con Garage: Using Toy-Con Garage to invent a new Toy-Con creation with your own materials.

Submit your best ideas
You don’t have to be a Nintendo Labo pro to inspire others. If you have a cool idea, send it in! U.S. customers of all ages who have a Nintendo Account can submit their creations (but be sure to view the contest rules if you’re interested in the Creators Contest). And in Canada, customers ages 13 and older with a Nintendo Account can submit.

Get creative
Make your project stand out! Your post will be more likely to get noticed if you think creatively or put a new spin on an idea.

Show some love
Think someone’s creation is cool? Tell them so by clicking the heart button on their page.

Sign up for My Nintendo
You’ll need to sign in to your Nintendo Account to share your creation. If you’re not already a member, you can create a free account. You’re automatically enrolled in My Nintendo when you sign up. Have kids under 13? You can create a child account for them by following these instructions. (Canadian customers, please note that creations can only be submitted by users ages 13 and older.)

Remember to keep your information private. Double-check your written description, photo, or video to be sure that there’s no personal information included. Note that submissions that include this kind of information will not be accepted.

Keep it clean
Please don’t include language or imagery that isn’t appropriate for all ages. Let’s make things fun for everyone!

Stay safe out there
No people, animals, Toy-Con creations or Nintendo Switch systems should be hurt or damaged in the making of your content. Please don’t include anything that may be unsafe for others to try.

Check the rest of guidelines and formats on its site.

Good luck to all!
Happy build!

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