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Hi Builders!
It's great to have you here :D

We want to build a platform that will enable creators all over the world to share their designs, whether they be Toy-cons for the Switch, cardboard peripherals for mobile phones or plain card and paper toys. Plus, we are teaming up with some places network so we can even direct people to the closest place they can machine their designs at, plus organize workshops, school events and pretty much anything we can think of.

We will be thrilled to have you on board, or to hear your thoughts and question about Labo Builders.

Also, we encourage you to participate on the Nintendo Labo Creators Contest with your best creations, maybe you can build a team to win on some categories ;)

Be welcomed and make this place a tribute to knokledge mixed with imagination, where everyone feels supported and respected.
Happy build!

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Nice to be here !  Seems to me quite a few LABO communities have been set up as of late so it is not easy to keep up !
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Hi all, I can not wait to see what the community will do with Nitendo Labo! I hope to share my creations very soon with you =)


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