We are builders.

So let's build everything again.

LABO BUILDERS as its main pillars, uses the interactive game and the promotion of artistic, social and digital competences, necessary for the development and positive growth of children in our society.

Through teamwork, recycling, environmental sustainability, and cooperation with others, LABO BUILDERS explores new ways of learning with children from 6 to 12 years old, and brings them closer to the STEAM reality that we live today in our educational communities.

All the dynamics proposed, have continuity and transversality with the educational curriculum, and address each of the learning environments, through the different pedagogical dimensions, giving special importance to the deployment of digital skills.

Through the creation of physical elements (Toy-Con), with recycled and sustainable material, participants will be able to approach their reality, programming and interacting, thanks to the situations posed by the device.

We would thank our supporters, because without its help this project would be impossible.

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