Where engineering meets code

Build projects from STEAM to VR with your own hands

Looking for the best context for skills training, in LABO BUILDERS we create different types of sessions focused on the realization of specific projects.

Each session is accompanied by the necessary material to finish it in a complete way. We call it Pedagogical Unit and it contains personalized contents per session.

Elastic rubber bands to build switches, die-cut cardboard for a steering wheel, reflective stickers that interact with a camera ... as well as visual code diagrams and themed content that will extend the experience at home.


Show of 15 projects and their operation.
Attended by an instructor and a monitor. Minimum 20 participants.
1 hour duration.

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Build of a complete custom project (engineering and code).
Attended by an instructor. Minimum 10 participants.
2,5 hours duration or 3 single 1h sessions.

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Masterclass in engineering and coding.
Attended by 2 instructors. Minimum 10 participants.
4,5 hours duration or 5 single 1h sessions.

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Masterclass in engineering and coding with visit to the Maker Workshop.
Attended by 1 instructors and a monitor. Minimum 10 participants.
8,5 hours duration or 9 single 1h sessions.

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Are you from a school?

We want to build projects involving different roles in the development of new Sets.
We can help us together in favor of children. Let's build something!